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Share Point Free E-Books

Professional Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Workflow Programming
SharePoint 2007 Workflow offers a vast array of rich workflow programming facilities
so that you can implement and deploy your own custom workflows and activities, allowing
you to create features and functions that were never before possible. Packed with
practical, real-world examples and step-by-step recipes, this book presents you
with detailed code walkthroughs and in-depth technical discussions to help you gain
the skills, knowledge, and experience you need to develop and to deploy your own
custom SharePoint workflows and activities. You'll discover the similarities and
differences between workflow programming and traditional procedural programming
languages such as C#. You'll also explore workflow association and initiation input
forms and examine how SharePoint takes advantage of the extensibility points of
Windows Workflow Foundation to add support to specific functions of SharePoint.
Along the way, you'll discover how to implement data description and manifest files
to deploy your custom workflows and actions through SharePoint solution packages.
What you will learn from this book *The standard SharePoint activities inherited
from CallExternalMethodActivity and HandleExternalEventActivity activities *How
to take advantage of workflow security in your own custom workflows *Techniques
for implementing a custom workflow edit task input form and deploy it as part of
the deployment of a site content type *How to develop, deploy, and test a custom
Office SharePoint Designer 2007 action *Ways to use the XML markup language to describe
your own custom actions and conditions to Office SharePoint Designer 2007

SharePoint 2007 Development Recipes offers a range of ready to use code recipes
that provide the building blocks for solving many common SharePoint 2007 programming
dilemmas. This practical, handsจCon guide categorizes recipes by problem area, for
example site management, event handlers, users, lists, and web parts, and source
code is provided in both VB and C#. As well as providing an invaluable reference,
Mark Gerow also includes clear, supporting guidelines to help you modify the code
samples for the broadest range of applications. For each recipe you will find *
Background and design considerations * Source code in both VB and C# * Discussion
of variations on the provided examples * Cross reference to core SharePoint classes
* If you find yourself asking, กฐHow do I solve this SharePoint development problem?
you will find all the answers in Mark Gerowกฏs supremely useful book. What you'll
learn * SharePoint Recipes will provide readyจCtoจCuse examples of how to programmatically
* Add web parts to pages. * Calculate exact storage used for a list, site, or group
of sites. * Track and record site, page, and link hits. * Manage users, roles, and
groups using both Windows and FormsจCbased authentication. * Create sites and site
collections. * Create lists and a document library. * Upload and edit documents
and list items. * Develop event handlers and workflows. * Use JavaScript to alter
the behavior of web part pages. * Edit built in web site properties. * Work with
features and solutions.

SharePoint is a web-based collaboration and document management platform from Microsoft.
Microsoft Offce SharePoint Designer (SPD) is a WYSIWYG HTML editor and web design
program, which has replaced FrontPage, and is the ideal environment for working
with pages on a SharePoint site. This book is ideal for people new to SharePoint
Designer who need to put together a working SharePoint site as quickly as possible.
If you want to get started, and finished, as quickly as possible, this book is for
you. You won’t just learn how to use SharePoint Designer; you’ll see how to use
it to put together a SharePoint site. This book will introduce you to the SharePoint
Designer environment, and lead you through the key features as you complete important
SharePoint customization activities. Throughout the book, you will be developing
an example site for a wine business, and you will see what help SharePoint Designer
offers, and step through clear instructions to get things done. The book begins
by familiarizing you with the Designer environment and helping you to connect to
your SharePoint site. You will then learn how to add and format content, and use
SharePoint’s workfow tools to collaborate with other content creators before learning
how to connect to different SharePoint data sources. You will also learn to use
ASP.NET Web Parts in your SharePoint site to create calendars, graphs, integrate
with Exchange Server, and add powerful search tools to your site.

SharePoint 2003 Advanced Concepts : Site Definitions, Custom Templates, and Global

In SharePoint 2003 Advanced Concepts, two world-class SharePoint consultants show
how to make SharePoint jump through hoopsกฑ for you and do exactly what you want.

Jason Nadrowski and Stacy Draper have built some of the most diverse SharePoint
enterprise implementations.

Now, drawing on their extraordinary in the trenchesกฑ experience, they present solutions,
techniques, and examples you simply wonกฏt find anywhere else.

SharePoint 2003 Advanced Concepts addresses every facet of SharePoint customization,
from site definitions and templates to document libraries and custom properties.

The authors cover both Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server
2003 and illuminate SharePoint's interactions with other technologies Chelping you
troubleshoot problems far more effectively. Next time you encounter a tough SharePoint
development challenge, donกฏt waste time: get your proven solution right here, in
SharePoint 2003 Advanced Concepts.

• Construct more powerful site and list templates

• Control how SharePoint uses ghosted and unghosted pages

• Use custom site definitions to gain finer control over your site

• Build list definitions with custom metadata, views, and forms

• Troubleshoot WEBTEMP, ONET.XML, SCHEMA.XML, SharePoint databases, and their interactions

• Create custom property types to extend SharePointกฏs functionality

• Integrate with other systems and SharePoint sites so that you can use their information
more effectively,

• Customize themes and interactive Help, one step at a time

• Customize email alerts and system notifications

• Extend the capabilities of document libraries

• Control document display and behavior based on extensions


Essential SharePoint
Essential Sharepoint will help you do just that. It's not only the most complete
guide for setting up and using these increasingly popular sites, but it also explains
in detail the integration that makes SharePoint exciting. Everything you need to
know about SharePoint is covered, including: * hosting choices * administration
* customization * integration with Microsoft Office * developing new SharePoint
functionality * when to use SharePoint portal server Essential Sharepoint covers
all the key topics for getting up and running with this powerful and popular set
of collaboration tools. And it's not just for members of the IT staff. This comprehensive
guide is for anyone in an organization who wants to explore Microsoft SharePoint
in order to foster collaboration with other users

Beginning SharePoint Administration: Windows SharePoint Services
and SharePoint Portal Server
Beginning SharePoint Administration: Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint
Portal Server Wrox | ISBN 0470038632 | PDF | 2006 | 522 pages | 7,1 MB This practical
guide covers the many uses of SharePoint 2003 as well as the differences between
SharePoint Portal Server (SPS) and Windows(r) SharePoint Services (WSS). In addition,
the book will help you decide if you need only WSS or if you should also implement
SPS. While the main focus is on planning, installation, configuration, and administration,
you'll also learn how to customize SharePoint by creating templates, building your
own Site Definition, and using FrontPage(r) to enhance the look and feel of SharePoint
sites. In addition, you will learn the business-critical methods of backing up and
restoring your system. Microsoft MVP and author Goran Husman shares numerous tips
for smart add-ons and utilities that will enhance the functionality of SharePoint
by providing better navigation, the ability to integrate with other systems, and
effective workflow solutions. His practical and easy-to-follow instructions will
help you get your SharePoint environment up and running in no time. He even shows
you how to make your eventual upgrade to SharePoint 2007 seamless. What you will
learn from this book * How to install Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) and SharePoint
Portal Server (SPS) * Tips on what to focus on when customizing SharePoint * How
to productively use SharePoint with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook(r) *
Various ways to handle backup and restore procedures * The many free utilities and
commercial third-party products that are available * How to create and work with
intranet pages

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