Thursday, February 12, 2009

Enable SSL in a Site - Part 1

Enable SSL in a Site - Part 1

If you want to implement 'https' in site, for the testing purpose you will get the trial SSL certificate from

Give valid information and Verisign will send the trial version of SSL certificate to your mail.

Follow all the steps mentioned in site / in mail

Make sure you have a qualified domain name and application is in 80 port.

Following are way to convert http site to https

First step is Generate Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

  1. Login to the server, where application is hosted.

  2. Take start-> run

  3. Type 'inetmgr' and press enter

  4. Right click on the virtual directory displayed in IIS manager and from the context menu, click on properties

  5. Select the directory security tab

  1. Click on 'Server certificate'

7. Click 'Next'

8. Select 'Create New certificate' and click next

9. Select ' Prepare the request now and send later

10. Give the name and click next

11. Enter 'Organization Information' details

12. Enter the site's common name. This should be a valid domain name

13. Enter Geographical information and click next

14. Click next and request file summary page will load

15. Click next and Certificate completing wizard will come and click finish

You will get Certificate Signing Request (CSR) as a text file. Here it is 'certreq1.txt'

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  1. Thanks for the walkthrough do you know how to set SSL in a Linux based website, i have tried through the CMD interface but i could not get it to work i dont now how to do it through the Gui im using Ubuntu 8