Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Welcome to MOSS Labs

Hello reader
Before you start your thoughts with MOSS Labs, we would be delighted to let you know the birth of this blog. We, a group of different minded people, had jointly faced some simple, complex, fascinating as well as challenging phases, while walking our first steps to know the wild jungle MOSS. Having gone miles from where we began, we thought of having a place to share our experiences and views in the subject, which would in a way, preserve what we have learned and let a beginner find the tips to start his journey as well.
Intention behind creation of MOSS Labs is not mere discussion or comments on topics posted. But, to put some light on various topics and techniques known and unknown to MOSS users irrespective of their experience level in the subject.
So, we gladly welcome you to this knowledge point.
F3 MOSS aspirants

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